Curriculum vitae
on September 2012

Victor Korobitsyn

Chair of Computational Systems
Omsk State University
55A, Mira pr., Omsk
644077, Russian Federation
Phone +7-3812-628490
Fax +7-3812-648311
e-mail: korobits .at.


  Ph.D. student on Mathematical Modeling Chair, Omsk State University
  Ph.D. in Mathematical Modelling (2002)
  Student on Mathematical Department, Omsk State University
  M.Sc. in Mathematics (1998)

Professional experience

since March, 2004
  Head of Chair of Computational Systems, Omsk State University
  Associate Professor, Chair of Computational Systems, Omsk State University
December, 2002 - February, 2004
  Senior Lecturer, Chair of Cybernetics, Omsk State University
September, 1999 - December, 2002
  Lecturer, Chair of Mathematical Modeling, Omsk State University

Awards, Grants, Honors

- Letter of commendation, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, 2010
- Junior Lecturer Award, V.Potanin's Foundation, 2004-2005
- Junior Researcher grant, Omsk State University, 2003-2004
- group grant, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, 2001-2003
- CEU Summer University, Complex Systems, 2002
- group grant, Course Development Competition, CEU, 2000-2001

Research Area

- numerical methods for ODE and PDE solving, discontinuous equations
- mathematical modeling of biological, ethnical and social systems
- parallel computing, massive parallel programming, CUDA technology
- computer geometry and graphics, smooth participle hydrodynamics, computer simulation

Development and Programming Experience

- MEP2 software for analizing the dynamical systems with chamber structures
- TERRI software for simulation of ethnical fields
- MEP software for simulation of biological, ethnical and social processes
- Social Systems web-site devoted to mathematical modeling of society

Computer Skills

Operative systems: Windows, Linux
System administration: Windows Server, Linux Ubuntu
Programming languages: C++, Pascal, Basic, Modula-2, GPSS, Fortran, Objective-C
Mathematical software: Matlab, SciLab, Maple, Maxima
Programming techniques: Windows API, OpenGL, NVidia CUDA, MPI, VBA
Productivity programs: LaTeX, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere

List of Main Publications

in English
  1. Korobitsin, V.V., Suravikin, A.Y. Octree-based generation of fluid stream surface , in Proceedings of International conference "Numerical geometry, grid generation and high performance computing (NUMGRID2010)", honoring 120th anniversary of B.N. Delaunay A.A. Dorodnicyn Computing Center RAS, Moscow, 11-13 October, 2010, pp. 33-40.
  2. Ilyin, S.S., Korobitsin, V.V. GOST-28147 Encryption Implementation on Graphics Processing Units, in Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Availability, Security, and Reliability. March 4-7, 2008, Barcelona, Spain. Los Alamitos: IEEE Computer Society, 2008, pp. 967-974.
  3. Korobitsin, V.V., Frolova, J.V. Mathematical Modelling the Ethnic System , in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 2658/2003, pp. 629-635 (Springer-Verlag Heidelberg, 2003).
  4. Frolova, J.V., Korobitsin, V.V. Simulation of Gender Artificial Society: Multi-agent Models of Subject-Object Interactions , in International Conference on Computational Science 2002, LNCS 2329, pp. 226-235, P.M.A. Sloot et al. (Eds.) (Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2002).
  5. Frolova, J.V., Korobitsin, V.V. Two multi-agent models of gender interaction in artificial society , in Proceedings of The First International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents & Multiagent Systems, AAMAS 2002, July 15-19, 2002, Bologna, Italy, pp. 207-208.
in Russian
  1. Korobitsin, V.V., Frolova, J.V. Parallel implementation on CUDA of serial approximation method for numerically solving the ordinary differential equations , in Herald of Omsk University. 2011, N 4, pp. 157-163.
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