Pavel V. Prudnikov

Dr. Sc., Professor of Theoretical Physics Department

(Ru)       (Research Gate)


Research Interests:

Phase transitions and critical phenomena in disordered and complex systems

Field-theoretical and renormalization-group description of disordered systems

Thin magnetic films and multilayer structures with giant magnetic resistance

Monte Carlo methods in statistical physics

Out-of-equilibrium critical behavior: aging phenomena and short-time dynamics

Parallel and distributed calculation


Teaching Courses:

Statistical Physics

Information Technologies in Science

Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena

Renormalization-group methods

Dynamic Critical Phenomena

Supercomputer Technologies in Science and Education

Numerical Methods of Data Processing

Modern Concepts of Natural Science

Introduction to Specialty



Prudnikov V.V., Vakilov A.N. and Prudnikov P.V. Phase transitions and Monte Carlo methods. – (Moscow: Fizmatlit) , 2009 (in Russian)

Prudnikov V.V., Prudnikov P.V. and Vakilov A.N. Description of nonequilibrium critical behaviour in disordered systems by the theoretical methods (Moscow: Fizmatlit), 2014 (in Russian)


Selected publications:

The peculiarities of the nonequilibrium critical behavior of a model statistical systems and methods of their description // Physics-Uspekhi. 2017. doi

Non-equilibrium critical behavior of thin Ising films // Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. 2017. doi

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2016 – XXXVI International Winter Workshop of Theoretical Physics "Kourovka", 2016, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
2014 – XXXV International Winter Workshop of Theoretical Physics "Kourovka", 2014, Ekaterinburg, Russia. ( poster )
2014 – Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism, MISM-2014, 2014, Moscow, Russia. ( poster )
2013 – XXV IUPAP Conference on Computational Physics, 2013, Moscow, Russia.
2011 – Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism “MISM-2011”, Moscow;
2008 – Renormalization Group and Related Topics , “RG 2008”, Dubna;



Phone: +7 3812 630 445

Mailing address:
Theoretical Physics Department,
1 Building, Room 103,
Omsk State University, Mira str. 55A,
644077 Omsk, Russia