VERSHININ Vjacheslav Isaakovich
Doctor of Sciences (Chemistry), full professor
Head of the Analytical Chemistry Department of Omsk State University

    Honored Scholar in the field of Higher Education of Russian Federation(1999). Member of the Analytical Chemistry Council of Russian Academy of Sciences and of its Teaching Commitee. · Author of 200 publications, including 92 articles, 8 patents, 5 text-books, 1 monograph and 2 spectral databanks. Supervisor of 5 Ph.D. holders.

    Fields of Interest and Research Main Publications
  • Mathematical and Computer Methods in Analytical Chemistry, including Identification Theory, Complex Mixtures Analysis Modelling and so on;
  • List
  • Luminescent Methods for Organic Supertoxicants Determination (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and the like);
  • List
  • Methods of Higher Professional Education and Methods of Analytical Chemistry and other chemical disciplines teaching in tertiary education
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Contact Information
Postal Address: Omsk State University, Prospekt Mira, 55a, Omsk, Russia, 644077
Tel: (3812) 642485
Fax: (3812) 642410

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